The newly designed and easy to use server controller.

ManiaControl helps you control your ManiaPlanet server and is easy, smart and fast.
Never again do you have to worry about updates, it's also easily extendable with plugins and completely free and open-source!

Save time, be in control.

Easy Updating: Core and Plugins

ManiaControl helps you to keep your server controller up-to-date. You can easily update ManiaControl using an in-game command. Furthermore, you can also let it automatically update whenever your server is empty. Besides the core, it also has a great interface to provide you with plugin updates.

In-Game Controlling

Fed up with all those XML files? ManiaControl provides you with an amazing interface in-game, where you can set all settings. Not only ManiaControl and plugin settings, but also server settings and script settings. This means that you're in full control while you're on your server!

Clean Interface

Irritated by all sorts of widgets in your game, making it harder to play the game? With ManiaControl comes a very clean interface, leaving the important room to where it belongs: the game. This makes sure you get the most out of the game, without loosing on possibilities on the controller-side.

Good Code Structure

Not an unimportant point, certainly not for those of you who like to code plugins! ManiaControl is coded in a clear OOP structure, using namespaces and clear PHPDoc comments. This gives you the ultimate coding experience, with minimal difficulty when you're experienced with PHPDoc and auto-completion.