There aren't really many downloads here to display. Just download the latest version and you should be alright. Updating can be done using an in-game chat command or even automatically whenever your server is empty. So no need anymore to get update packages or fish out the changes in the files.

Our controller can do a lot of stuff without having plugins enabled. Additionally you can check out a whole range of plugins on the dedicated plugins page of this website. You can find all sorts of plugins, made by the ManiaControl team but also by people from the community, who can easily publish their plugins through this website, which also provides a good platform when it comes to having your plugins automatically updated.

When you encounter problems which you can easily fix yourself, don't hesitate to fork our repository and make a pull request! Please do make sure that you're aware of the LICENSE of this program!


Are you interested to know what has changed in the new version of ManiaControl before updating your server? That's a fair point and therefore we have a changelog right here on the website.

Changelog for v0.142

  • Bugfix BillManager
  • Bugfix PluginMenu
  • added Method destroyCache($object, $cacheName) to the player object which destroys a cache which got set to a player

Changelog for v0.141

  • small fixes in timermanager
  • some code improvements
  • hide local records on plugin deactivation
  • big improvements in Player object:
    • added value caching for player during runtime 2 Methods: setCache($object, $cacheName, $data), getCache($object, $cacheName) you can set a value or object from the typ you ever it want, and can call it via the get Method ($object is just the reference, always use $this or a className)
    • added getPlayerData and setPlayerData Method, for usage look, better documentation come soon on the website
    • due the changes its not that easy anymore to make a var_dump() so we added a dump Method, you can always call $player->dump() and all properties of the player get dumped into the console
  • added Method getEscapedNickname() to Escape a Player's nickname

Changelog for v0.14

  • improved shutdown
  • improved backup zipping
  • updated a bunch of default plugins
  • updated to latest version of Newboo's dedicated-api
  • several bugfixes with callbacks, error handling, etc
  • added new callbacks for plugin loaded, plugin unloaded -> useful for plugin dependencies
  • fixed Mapqueue bugs on Skip-to-map
  • resolved restart-map Problem
  • added two new Methods to the chatclass sendMessageToAdmins / sendErrorToAdmins which sends an error to all connected admins
  • TimerManager restructuring
  • Mx-Karma Plugin improvements
  • Button Position fixes in the Maplist, added skip to map vote in Customvotesplugin also for admins
  • Fix in Queue Plugin (on passworded server you couldn't join the queue)
  • php minversion check for 5.4 on startup
  • + many many other fixes