"(WARNING: dangerous plugin, only use, if you know what you are doing!) Enables a simple command for direct XMLRPC-access to the server"

- by axelalex2

Version History

You can install and update this plugin via the ingame plugin loader. This saves you from going through the trouble of downloading the plugin, uploading it to your server (or even servers) and constantly having to keep them updated!

Version Updated Download
20.05 30-11-2020 Download


This plugin is being used on 4 currently online server(s).

Name Script MC Version Players
Penguins Gust TimeAttack v0.256 0 / 20 Join! More Info
Trackmania Holiday Showdown'20 Trackmania/TM_Teams_Online v0.256 1 / 20 Join! More Info
Nixotica's Spot Trackmania/TM_TimeAttack_Online v0.256 1 / 20 Join! More Info
Fullspeed Area TimeAttack v0.256 0 / 100 Join! More Info